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About Lebauto

Lebauto is a Home Automation Company with more than 21 years of Experience in providing World Class Automation Solution.

We provide a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle with endless integration. Our stunning solutions are user friendly, energy efficient and also provide great value for money.

Lebauto is the path towards your imagination and Lebauto is truly the future of automation.

Managed Centrally

Wirelessly Connects

Smart Applicatios

Lighting &

Lights play a key role in creating the right mood and adjusting the ambiance of interior spaces. Automation is not just dimming the lights and turn on / off the lights, its beyond that… We at Lebautoplays with Natural Light and artificial lighting to create Perfect lighting ambience with energy efficient solution. We controls the light Intensity, Colorand working channels creating an artistic and elegant shapes and effects that emphasize beauty with our intelligent dimmer & Relays

Security &

Nowadays security is a major concern. so your safety is our responsibility. We at Lebauto, Effortlessly & seamlessly integrate various Sensors like Gas leaks, Glass break, Smoke detectors, Door/Window contact sensors to protect your home. We at Lebauto, simply integrates security cameras with our Automation system & those cameras works as a motion sensor as well. It will help to save cost of additional device and will also help to integrate with our energy management system.

Heating Ventilation &
Air Conditioning

With Lebauto, Your home will sense the heat or coolness needed and give you just right atmosphere. It will maintain the desire temperature level you want for your room And it will make sure to switch off your Ac just in time for you to Wake up. With our energy efficient solution you AC will shut off the moment the room is vacant & also turn off the Ac if your door or window is open.

Why Lebauto ?

Lebauto understands customer’s expectations and value of their money by providing user friendly and energy efficient solutions with ease. Lebauto Promises 100% Luxury, comfort world class high end solutions with very reasonable cost Lebauto not only save your project cost but also helps to save your operation and day to day cost.

Self Evolution

We personally use and test the new product in our well equipped Lab for at least 3-6 months before we introduce it to the customers. Company’s R&D Department is engaged continuously in testing new products. It helps us to Achieve Excellence in products & Services.

Tailor made solution

We don’t sell products just because we have or we deal with… First we understand their requirements, Who are going to use the solution, studies their structure and based on that we design efficient Automation Solution. So that client Doesn’t face any difficulty to operate our solution.

Integration & Customization

Integration & Customization are our forte. We believe Automation is all about integration of all kind of Electronics, Electrical & Electro-mechanical Equipment. We at Lebauto Integrates all these equipment with our Automation very efficiently so that our client can use our Automation solution With the ease.

Support Guaranteed

All our solutions comes with 5 Years of Support guarantee. What is support guarantee? We maintain spare part of each and every products for at least 5-7 years after sales. Thus client doesn’t need to worry about products life & Support

Comfort & Convenience

All our solutions are very user friendly. We guarantee it that anyone can operate our solution with the ease… whether your Parents, Grand parents, Maid, servant….

Value for money

We design our projects in such manner where we help our clients to Save at least 25% of your Project cost as compare to other Automation suppliers.. With our Energy Efficient solution our client can save 25% of electricity on daily basis.


Switchless Places

True Image Mobile App

Flexibility to Integrate Third Party Switches



Segment we cater

Our Automation solutions are extensively demanded by various segments as all our solutions are unique. We have design different concept for different segment. some of the segments, catered by us, are as mentioned below:

Smart Home

Smart Office

Smart Restaurant

Smart Boardroom

Smart Hospital

Smart Showroom

Smart Museum

Smart Mall

Smart Fountain