Vora's Residence



Location: Mumbai

Details: Duplex - 4000 Sq. Ft. High end residence on 21st and 22nd floor Estimated

Cost: INR 35L

Delivery: August 2021


Given the enormity and uber-premium class of the project, we knew that providing smart-home automation for the residence would be highly challenging.

We were aware of the demanding nature of the architect, which focusedon elegance and a minimalistic approach.


  • Minimal Smart Switch Integration
  • Centralized Control of Automation
  • Centralized Security System
  • Seamless Integration of Client's Gadgets and Digital Equipment


After understanding all the demands and requirements, we decided to provide a wholly integrated and tailor-made home automation solution.

Hence, we chose the following premium brands that would cater to all the requirements.


For lighting and curtain control
For HVAC control
For access & digital locking system
For video entry system
For smart switches
Seamless and integrated centralized control


We believe that automation is for our comfort and must be easy to use & operate. And that was our mission while designing Vora’s Residence.

Hence, we offered a complete range of integrated solutions, including:

For us, automation is not mere electronic integration of gadgets and appliances. It is much more than that. We believe automation is where comfort meets intelligence.

In the following segment, we shed light on such smart and uniquely integrated solutions that were offered to our client.

a) Multi-Functional Sensors

One of the unique solutions was "Real Smart Control" - One sensor with multiple functionalities. As the residence is a duplex covering the 21st and 22nd floors, naturally, the wind flow is very high. We installed integrated window & rain sensing sensors to lower the risk of curtain misalignment and subsequent break down due to heavy windflow. We smartly integrated those sensors to sense open windows and water splashing on panes. With our unique solution, the sensors cansend a simple alert on the client's app and ask them to close the windows to avoid water puddlesor splashing on the floor.

Due to this smart integration, we cut down multiple notifications & alerts. Instead, it now allows the client to control curtains and windows with a single tap on their mobile

We provided smart integration of these sensors, i.e. controlling the sensors with voice. A simple command on the multi-room speakers can control all the windows and panels across the residence.

We also ensured energy efficiency during installation. All the window sensors are programmed to switch off the air conditioners if the windows are open for over 2 minutes. We also took care of the home's security in the same solution. The sensor can send an alert to the client's mobile phone & existing the sound system if someone tries to open the windows in their absence or during the night.

b) Smart Digital Entry

Typically, any home of this size has a common problem: residents are unable to hear the door bell. Adding multiple video door panels is a general solution. But we offered a single wall display panel and smart integration with the existing multi-room audio system. If the door bell rings, the sound can be heard across the home. If the residents are busy with some entertainment activities, the ceiling lights start to flash.

We have also added the functionality of DND. More over, the solution does not need additional devices and can be easily operated through a mobile app.

c) Maintaining Privacy

The master bedroom of Vora's Residence has a private terrace which is also accessible through the building's terrace area. This created aproblem of tres passing. Hence, we installed a smart laser beam sensor that has 100% accuracy of human detection. This solution reduced the risk of false alarms and gave our client's residence the necessary private space. The client can activate this security mode through the app. The sensor is also integrated with the centralized security system to provide all-round protection.

d) Smart Calling System

We installed a smart calling system to ease communication among the family members. The smart calling button announces that lunch, breakfast, or dinner is ready. With a single tap of a button, family members can easily communicate with each other across different rooms. The system also has the DND option to maintain privacy.

e) Smart Fingerprint Reader

The brief given to us was to have a minimalistic and compact design approach for biometric locks and security. Our customised solution offered a single Key fingerprint reader with multiple functionalities. We programmed different scenarios for different fingerprints.

For instance, we linked the thumb print to a dressing event, which will pull down curtains and switch on lights and AC in the wardrobe area. Similarly, while leaving, the client can simply scan their index finger to turn off all devices in the area.

This allowed us to comply with the client brief and save cost on additional smart switches.

Additionally, we programmed the maid's fingerprint separately, which only works in a specific time frame. The entrance is linked to the dining speaker, and the system does not recognise any external fingerprint when the vacation mode is put on.

We have also installed concealed smart sensors for each door that take care of security and are highly energy efficient. The sensors are connected to electronic devices such as AC and can control power when left unattended for a pre-set amount of time. Moreover, all the sensors send notifications and commands to the client's phones when they are out.

To Conclude

The client's convenience and comfort are ourut most priority. Hence, our innovative home solutions are explicitly designed after understanding their requirements and the architect's demand.

We believe that such seamless results can only be achieved through high-level integration and customization. And that - precisely - is our strength and core expertise.

We are proud to say that the client is extremely happy with our customized solutions as it offers multiple functionalities through a minimalistic approach. Our solutions are easy to operate, provide necessary security & safety, and offer a great level of control.